What has made you happy this week?

This is a question that I like to ask myself every Sunday, as I look back on the week just gone and look forward to what the week ahead is going to bring.  

It’s not that I’m going against the mindfulness movement that says you should live in the moment, focusing on the here and now and not whiling away your days harking back to the past or wishing for some time in the future.  Because I subscribe to this line of thinking, I really do. 

I also like to take stock of what has brought me joy this week, and plan some things for the future that I can look forward to.  It is a reminder to me that happiness is a choice and it’s worth remembering what triggers it, and what can steal it away.

So I wanted to share my list with you this week.  Some of them may seem flippant and superficial to you, while others are deep insights that I’ve had that mean a lot to me. 

In no order of importance at all, here goes:

  • Long walks in the Queensland sunshine either by myself or with loved ones
  • Paul and I taking my 85 year old mother out to lunch by the water
  • Finding the perfect foundation that makes me feel a million dollars, and so it should as it was a little ‘spendy’
  • Signing up for the November 10k Multiple Sclerosis Moonlight Walk to help raise money for a good cause
  • Having someone very close to me complain that their weight has crept up unexpectedly, and instead of having no practical advice, being able to tell them that I was in week 4 with WeightWatchers and finding it really easy to keep to the plan
  • Accepting that my 61 year old face has a lot more wrinkles because of the amount of time that I spend either laughing or smiling
  • Keeping to my exercise program all week and moving to a heavier set of weights
  • Having real, honest and open conversations with people at work about issues that matter
  • Living with exceptionally good health
  • Having a great night out tasting wine at the beautiful GOMA in Brisbane, on a ‘school night’
  • Getting into my old ‘skinny’ jeans yesterday and wearing them comfortably all day
  • Phone calls with great friends, including one becoming a grandmother for the first time
  • Watching ‘Street Food’ on Netflix and marvelling at people in their 80s and 90s (and one even over 100) who cook on the streets of nine cities in Asia and have never had a day off, but are so happy with their lives and their contribution to their city
  • Living within spitting distance of Moreton Bay with its beautiful walks and seeing the water first thing in the morning
  • Clearing two bags of clothing out of my wardrobe and having them sent to St Vinnies so the items I previously loved can be re-purposed by someone else
  • Lodging my 2019 tax return
  • Making the decision to have my hair all cut off as the bob I’ve had for years just doesn’t really bring me joy any more
  • Booking an appointment to have my skin checked for sun damage
  • Deciding on a winter mini-break, just for the fun of it.

Some of these may not seem like much, but the exercise is a reminder of all that I have to be grateful for. 

Give yourself the gift of 15 minutes to look back on your week – what has brought you joy?