Why New Year Resolutions Do Not Work

It’s that time of the year again. Time to reflect back on the year past and decide what we want to achieve in the full new twelve months that are ahead.

How many times have you done it? You’ve set some goals for the New Year, only to give up half way through January?

You might have even got really creative in that space between Christmas and New Year and written them down, turned them into affirmations, created a Vision Board or plastered them on post-it notes and put them on the bathroom mirror and the fridge.

People set goals or make resolutions for all sorts of reasons – saving money, getting a new car, losing weight, being less negative, finding a new job, starting an exercise routine. But what goes wrong?

Is the goal too big?
Is the desire not strong enough?
Tried it before and historically you know that you’re going to give up?

It’s actually all of these things, and none of these things.

Anyone can make a statement about a change that they’re looking for. But if the daily behaviour doesn’t change, then nothing changes.

Goals aren’t magic, vision boards aren’t ‘woo woo’ and affirmations aren’t spells. They all work, but only when coupled with some sort of behavioural change that is a step in the direction of the goal.

If your goal in 2022 is to purchase property or a new car, then you need a savings plan coupled with a meeting with your bank.

The latter will help with a budget, then you can begin to work out timelines for the purchase, based on your income and outgoings (some of which you may be able to reduce).

During this time you can look around for property, decide where you want to be and can afford, and then start to visualise your dream.

If it’s a car, you might talk to someone who knows about the best brand and model for your budget. Then you can start to look at dealers or second-hand sites. Don’t lose sight of the dream, just keep doing all the right things to make it happen.

Because of what we have all been experiencing for the past 22 months, and COVID-19 is nowhere near finished with us as we head into 2022, one of the best goals that you could set for yourself (which is what I am doing) is to look after your health.

This includes physical movement, mental awareness and eating well. Let go of negative thought patterns, and stay away from negative people if that is at all possible.

Don’t hang onto every sound-bite of news. Choose carefully who and what you follow on social media. Get more fresh air and move your body every day. Read good books, learn something new, do your own research.

Optimal health doesn’t just come down to luck and good genes. It takes small changes in behaviour coupled with a desire for the right outcome. Just put into place the daily practices that will get you to where you want to be both mentally and physically.

It doesn’t have to be 7 days a week. Start with every second day and I can guarantee that the changes you experience will drive you to do a bit more.

But without the right behaviours, the goal is just empty words. What are you prepared to change?

Stay safe in 2022 and as they’re saying all over social media “I hope you experience COVID at a time that fits into your calendar”.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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