The Free Course

It is well documented that money cannot buy you love, or happiness.

Why is it so many people are comfortable, even rich and successful, but many are not happy.

In this short course we will be working to help you bring more joy and happiness in to your life.

Lesson 1 : Getting Started

        This session includes activities to identify your happiness baseline, reveals a formula for understanding happiness and offers some activities to help you move your baseline in the right direction.

        25 min

        Lesson 2 : It's Your Choice

        Just as you can change your habits, you can change your thinking.  Changing your thinking will change your behaviour.  You will make better choices.  This session covers how we can create our own beneficial mental images of scenarios and how our perspective colours our world and the choices we make.

        25 min

        Lesson 3 : A Reason for Being

        If you have a job, you will know that this is what you do to get paid so that you can provide shelter, food and clothing for yourself and possibly a family. However, your work is what you do to get a result.  What if you could have more?

        25 min

        Lesson 4 : To Be in the Moment

        Matthieu Ricard – writer, photographer, translator and Buddhist monk, with a PhD in molecular genetics is also known as the Happiest Man in the World.  Why?

        25 min

        Lesson 5 : Happiness in the Workplace

        If you’re not happy in your work, be it your job, profession or the organisation you work for, there are one of two things you can do.

        25 min

        Lesson 6 : Health and Happiness

        A survey by happiness researcher Robert Holden found that 65% of people would choose happiness over health.
        What would you pick? Here are some ideas to consider.

        25 min

        Lesson 7 : Positivity Resonance

        “Just as your body was designed to extract oxygen from the Earth’s atmosphere, and nutrients from the foods you ingest, your body was designed to love.”  This lesson is about the syncopation of connecting.

        25 min

        Lesson 8 : Success Through Failure

        Cy Young and Nolan Ryan played a lot of baseball. They didn’t allow their failures and losses to stop them in their tracks. They pushed through. They practiced more and played more. They got back up again and did what they knew best – it’s a numbers game. The more you play, the more the numbers work in your favour. 

        25 min

        Lesson 9 : The Power of Three

        As we move to the final lesson, I hope that on this journey there has been a rise in your happiness baseline, not that you have to be ecstatically happy all day every day, but just that you have an overall raised baseline from which the events of each day have a reduced affect your equilibrium.

        25 min

        Everything comes in 3’s; the power of three.

        Accordingly you are going to need 3 things for this course:

        • A Notebook (if you like to write) or you can take notes electronically
        • A strong desire to be happy
        • An attitude and commitment to change

        Each lesson will contain 3 things:

        • Some dates, research, facts and statistics
        • A story
        • An exercise to work on for the next 21 days

        And the 3rd three, is a 3-week cycle (21 days) to create a habit.

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